"Margarita Gritskova (mezzo-soprano) scored in the Rosina’s area „Una voce poco fa” („A voice a while back”) from Rossini’s „ Barbiere di Sevilla” with the excellent coloraturas. She proved her talent both at singing and acting in the area „Habañera” from the opera „Carmen” by Georges Bizet. She is a talented junior artist and in the future it will be for sure more to come!"
Sylvia Kreye, Wiener Bezirkszeitung, September 2013

"Then came turn of Margarita Gritskova, a mezzo-soprano singer, who performed perfectly at ease Carmen’s Habanera with a fan in her hand. But later she surpassed herself in her acting, while performing duet and jota from zarzuela “El Duo de "La Africana" with Jose Carreras: a magnificent version, charming, but fun at the same time. The audience really enjoyed such full interpretation, impressive both vocally and on the level of recitative. An outstanding abundance of mezzo-soprano, as well as participation of the artist of the highest level, such as Carreras, has become key components of the huge success of this beautiful duet."
Blog colaborador de la Fundación Josep Carreras, September 2013