"..Very graceful Italian with extraordinary marvelous voice by Margarita Gritskova, a Russian singer born in 1987. The deepest high pitched voice with impressive flexibility. Such vocal is positively far from ordinary: it seems to be cut out specially for Rossini, but actually – thanks to good acting skills – it can sing about everything, not only perform Travesti roles. It is a great pleasure to hear young voice of such strength and technique: she always stays focused, perfect modulations come one after another, her bearing stays correct, vocal is beautiful and clean, showing the highest school."

"..Margarita Gritskova is a charming Isabella not only visually, but musically. She has everything for this role: flexibility, depth, suitable pitch, and an enormous ability to organize her work, because just a pretty face would not be enough. So, we have an ideal Isabella in our Opera House."
Elena Habermann, online merker