"The image of Rossini had „Pepp” and a youthful spunk – but, nevertheless: The star of the evening was called Rosina who demonstrated that the Russian Margarita Gritskova (mezzo-soprano) had been entitled to the nicest hope of the era by Dominique Meyer. The 27-year-old comes from St. Petersburg, studied beside song also piano and received her education in her hometown. She won many competitions (i.a. international contest n.a. Pavarotti in Modena) and now, already for 2 years, belongs to the ensemble at the Vienna State Opera. Since her appearance on the opera ball in February, 2014 she cannot be traded like an „insider tip”. The young lady is attractive; the voice comes into his own best for Rossini. The coloratura is shining, the pitches are beaming and the vocal range will (still) be per se achieved. On the premiere of La Cenerentola she appeared as a stepsister very positive – now in June she will perform La Cenerentola herself at the opera house („Das Haus am Ring”). One may be glad about it."
Peter Dusek, NeueMerker, März 2014