"Everyone was sure about the successful debut of Margarita Gritskova in the role of Rosina. The beginner from the ensemble at the Vienna State Opera is „temperamental, lively, pretty, wonderfully, lovely and just fine“. These are the attributes from the critic for her performance and singing."
Online Merker, Juni 2013

"The strong point of the Vienna State Opera is its excellent ensemble. With the performance by Gioachino Rossinis „Il of barbers Tu Siviglia” Javier Camarena wasn’t only the member of the ensemble but, nevertheless, nobody must be shy at naming them „star cast”. Dominique Meyer as the Director of the Vienna State Opera must be proud of the absolute appreciation of the ensemble with the excellent singers who for sure will become famous all over the world soon. One of these excellent talents is certainly Margarita Gritskova who celebrates her debut in the role of Rosina. Gritskova can shine in the enormous impressive pitches as well as in tender piano pieces. Moreover, the young Russian could convince as an excellent actress. One can only congratulate both the Vienna State Opera and of course Gritskova for such an energetic and fascinating Rosina. I fear only that Margarita Gritskova will remain not too long as the ensemble member. Her talent is too brilliant, her voice is too breathtaking. I admit it sounds like a declaration of love than a critic. Thus repertoire images give pleasure. Margarita Gritskova and Javier Camarena are those, one really should not miss. It feels good to make such repertory suggestions. Margarita Gritskova and Javier Camarena – one may not miss a chance."
Grand Inquisitor Season 2012/2013, Juni 2013