«He provided himself with almost perfect Rosina with Margarita Gritskova’s performance. The role of the little devil in love, adoring her Lindoro, seemed to be created for her, and the voice, in its turn, seemed to be created for this role: in this voice, a beautiful depth harmonizes with irreproachable pitch and lightness which is essential for following all the voice adornments envisioned by Rossini for this role».
Renate Wagner, Online Merker.

«Margarita Gritskova who appeared before the audience this evening as coquettish Rosina was also at the top of her form. She drew the listeners’ attention to the warm timbre of her magnificent and multifarious mezzo-soprano in this character back in 2013 during her debut on the Vienna State Opera’s stage. Margarita went on the same stage again in the role of Rosina in October last year, and she, sending the audience into raptures, once again emphasized what a godsend for the theatre her “revelation” by the Vienna Opera Director Dominique Meyer was. In the cavatina “Una voce poco fa”, lively performed by her, the young woman is reflecting upon her expectations put into love and life».
Manfred A. Schmid, Online Merker.

«It seems like “The Barber of Seville” by Rossini, given on the stage of the Vienna State Opera on the occasion of its 150th anniversary, must’ve become the proof that the troupe’s members and the world celebrities are able to match each other. If this intention meant the answer to the question whether the voice of one of the troupe’s members could compare with the elegance of coloraturas of the best tenor of modern times, then last Saturday Margarita gave the answer to it.
Not only in duet with Juan Diego Flórez, her aria of Rosina deserves to be streamed directly on the internet all across the world tomorrow. This love couple meets all vocal and comedy preconditions that are capable to turn the evening in the opera house into an extremely amusing event.
(…) This Count Almaviva found himself a worthy countess in coquettish, sly and ardent Rosina presented on the stage by Margarita Gritskova who showed incredible flexibility in all registers of her melodious mezzo-soprano. The fact that she is a member of the theatre’s troupe is a true gift for the anniversary, which the State Opera has managed to present to itself and its audience».
V. Sinkovich, DiePresse

«In addition, the “rising star” of Dominique Meyer’s era: Margarita Gritskova!
(...) It all started with the Count’s сavatina, which was performed by Juan Diego Flórez truly magnificently. It was followed by a slightly “trembling” aria about “factotum of the world.” And then the great aria of Rosina resounded, and its only one applicable definition was “irreproachable”. The depth and pitch of the voice complemented each other, the coloraturas just shimmered!».
Peter Dusek, Online Merker.

«Since her debut on the stage of the Vienna State Opera in 2012, Margarita Gritskova’s voice has been constantly improved allowing her to appear before the audience in the character of Rosina, in whose “Vipera” they believed unconditionally. Deep registers were managed by the singer flawlessly, I liked the coloraturas. Her artistry was in no way inferior to Flórez’s artistry».
Online Merker, Kurt Vlaсh