“As for beauty of the voice and coloraturas agility, this evening only Margarita Gritskova could outshine him. As Cinderella, she captivates the audience, not only by her appearance but also by the voice modulations. First of all, she is remembered for her ability to give an incredible musical expressiveness to various Rossini’s phrases, no matter whether she is singing a sad song of a poor servant or expresses the euphoria felt by a young woman who has recently fallen in love. " "The final scene performed by Gritskova crowns the colorful bustle by stunning coloraturas and exquisitely modeled musical phrases. Cinderella turns into a princess."
Wilhelm Sinkovitz, "Die Presse", 18.09.2015.

"Among the audience there are a lot of tourists and three debutants on the stage. The main character is played by the rising star Margarita Gritskova, who has become perhaps the most important discovery of the era of Dominique Meyer. Born in St. Petersburg, this Russian mezzo-soprano singer is still developing rapidly. During the last season she performed the character of Cinderella by Rossini three times, all with great success. In the new mini-series everyone will be able to see how mature Margarita Gritskova became for this challenging role. Her voice grew stronger, gained more "thoracic sounds", and high notes have metal sound. Also sparkling coloraturas, followed by ornamental techniques, and delightful passages. In short, in this role Margarita Gritskova, who has been part of the troupe of the State Opera since 2012, in no way inferior to her predecessors such as the Christa Ludwig, Agnes Baltsa, and Elina Garanca. In any case, the audience were as delighted as it usually happens only at pop concerts, and the 23rd reprise was finished nearly a quarter of an hour later than it had to. Well, so what? Rossini’s opera tale overcomes any obstacles, and far not the least was the new Cinderella, who showed her best! Name of Margarita Gritskova should be remembered!"
Peter Dusek, Online Merker, September 2015.

«A true ray of light in this play was Angelina performed by Margarita Gritskova. Last spring the young Russian singer made her debut in this role, having previously played Thisbe in the premiere performance. Her first performances were already convincing, though, it seems as if the depth of her voice acquired an extra sweep and warmth without sacrificing the elegance of coloraturas. At the same time, her performance is light and natural as far as possible, for which she certainly deserves to be named the queen of this theatrical night. The climax of Gritskova’s performance was her final rondo «Nacqui all’affanno». If you are not willing to stand all night, come after the last interval and enjoy the final rondo of Margarita Gritskova!»
Wolfgang Huberman, Online Merker, September 2015.