“The criminal couple also turned out to be new, and Margarita Gritskova demonstrated all the depth of her role to the public showing erotic appeal as well.”
Wolfgang Habermann, Online Marker, June 2015

“Particularity of minor roles is also disarming, and one of them is Margarita Gritskova as Maddalena, bringing the image of Carmen to mind.”
Wiener Zeitung, June 18, 2015

“A chance to enjoy Maddalena’s charming singing has to be waited for. This role is sometimes considered as one for mezzo-soprano, but even without too low sounding, it can embrace all the colors and specifics of the alto. Margarita Gritskova is an honor to this role.”
Lotar Shvaitser, Online Marker, June 22, 2015

“Margarita Gritskova is on the contrary stunning as Maddalena showing salacity and eroticism in combination with freedom from excessive vocal superiority, she was just perfect.”
Peter Duzek, Online Marker, June 26, 2015

“If we talk about ladies some words should be said about charming Maddalena performed by Margarita Gritskova, who appeared to be a flirt, sometimes not vulgar enough for somebody of her trade, whose singing was full of tantalizing elegance”
Peter Skorepa, Online Marker, June 30, 2015