"Margarita Gritskova proved in the role of Smeton, that she is not out of her league at the premier cast. From the low up to the high register she sang lovely in one breath, played a true lover and a misfortune giver. Nevertheless, it’s up to the opera, where she hopefully stays as a member of the ensemble for a long time, even if one wishes her a huge career."
Wolfgang Habermann, Neue Merker, April 2015

"Margarita Gritskova who is the travesty role of the betrayer Smeton against his will, plays it in her ample woman’s shape full of authority; she let us hear delightful tones and spreads desire of love melodiously."
Wilhelm Sinkovitcz, die Presse.com, April 2015

"Margarita Gritskova soulfully embodied the page Smeton with magical colors and emotional consumption."
Der Standard April 2015

"The third lady in this union, also wearing man’s clothes as well very attractive, was by Margarita Gritskova in good hands. Later as she ripped her doublet, Henry VIII could have recognized, what was hidden under this doublet. However Luca Pisaroni beheld jealously only the amulet, with which he believed to discover the adolescent longings of the young page."
Peter Skorepa, Neue Merker, April 2015

"In the role of Smeton and as a member of the ensemble Margarita Gritskova had the possibility to perform the role well. The young Russian mezzo-soprano singer used the possibility and sang the page so light with nice sounding voice – also the actor’s stage presence was magnificent."
Maria und Johann Jahnas, Neue Merker, April 2015