“Margarita Gritskova as a poor page Smeton was splendid that night. After successful performance as Angelina, Gritskova managed to rise even higher and took her rightful place among the leading bel canto singers”
Elena Habermann, Online Merker, 10 October.

“..Along with E. Gruberova, perhaps the oldest actress among the performers, only young Margarita Gritskova as Smeton fetched the audience by her youthful and vivid mezzo-soprano. Playful lightness of the character combines marvellously with gracefulness and loveliness of the singer”.
Peter Skopera, Online Merker.

“So intensive and emotionally breathtaking Margarita Gritskova’s performance as a poor page Smeton was”.
Die Presse, October 2015.

“..Alto of Margarita Gritskova, performing the role of a poor Smeton, sounded impeccably”.
Wolfgang Habermann, Online Merker.

“..Young Russian as Smelton turned out to be an extremely good choice. Wonderful voice timber, vivid performance – we are watching the development of super-talent”.
Peter Dusek, Online Merker

“..Gritskova’s voice develops gloriously, its middle register full of erotic flavour”.
Dominik Tröger, Online Merker