“..Olga’s part was performed by Margarita Gritskova, a singer born in Saint Petersburg, who made first appearance on the stage of the Vienna State Opera in 2012. Several days ago on the same stage this graceful, beautiful Russian sang the part of charming and passionate Carmen in the latest presentation of Georges Bizet’s opera. According to the director’s idea, Olga was a little bit pushed into the background, but she performed perfect duet with Tatiana in the first scene; her playing and singing were double-edged, but womanly and flirtatiously, especially towards Lensky and Onegin in the scene at the Larins’ ball. Margarita has soft, dark mezzo-soprano flying through the whole opera space.”
Terézia Ursínyová, OPERA-Slovakia

„..Margarita Gritskova played Olga, a merry Tatiana’s sister. Her mezzo-soprano sounded especially impressive in the low register. The sweet melancholy was in her voice in such moments.”
Mirjana Plath, Klassik-begeistert.de