"It’s just breathtaking how Margarita Gritskova commemorates the revenge aria of the Bradamante; chilly, profoundly dark and with all the coolness the fighter sings about the destruction campaign of Alcina’s island."
Frauke Adrians, Thüringer Allgemeine, Februar 2012

"One could refuse the music. Would there be not Gritskova who sings her part really masterfully. Her „Verdi prati” - very slowly and very gentle - was the representation of the adagio singing full of passion. Otherwise, she implemented her perfect mezzo so light with her adventurous coloratura variety and won with tone colour the psychological deepness so light as if it was just a child’s play."
Wolfgang Hirsch, Thüringer Allgemeine, Februar 2012

"Margarita Gritskova enchants the audience with her dark timbre and clear voice in her role of Bradamante."
Tatjana Mehner, Thüringer Allgemeine, Februar 2012

From Irina Bogacheva’s interview: "..or Rita Gritskova who is a great talent and a beautiful woman, natural Carmencita! She also won the second prize here, and immediately after that - the first prize at the international competition in Spain. Immediately she was invited to the Weimar Theatre in Germany, and now she works at the Vienna Opera."
(Irina Bogacheva)