"Margarita Gritskova (mezzosoprano) moves from Weimar to the Vienna State Opera at the end of this season. The fact proved the Director of the German National Theatre (Deutsches Nationaltheater) Karsten Wiegand. Enchanting in the role of Ottone at the e-werk (the additional venue for music and theatre in Weimar): The singer Margarita Gritskova succeeded in the vocal fach (coloratura mezzo-soprano). The fact that Gritskova leaves the opera house in Weimar after only two seasons, regrets so much, said Wiegand. „Fortunately we have discovered her.” In summer 2010 the 24-year-old came directly from St. Petersburg State Conservatory to Weimar. In the homeland she’d made a strong impression at her final examination in the title role of Bizet’s „Carmen”. Precisely this role she will play on the 28th of January at the 7th Weimar opera ball. „She has a brilliant stage presence and an incredibly nice voice with the unique timbre”, fancies Wiegand. It seems to be a compliment for the ensemble politics of the German National Theatre (Deutsches Nationaltheater). Gritskova plays currently the role of Ottone in „The Coronation of Poppea“, the role of Cherubino in „The Marriage of Figaro” and the role of Flora in „The Fallen Woman”. In February, she will play the part of Bradamante from George Handel’s „Alcina”. As a guest she performed at the Hungarian State Opera House and at festivals on the Tenerife (Spain) and in St. Moritz (Switzerland)."
Wolfgang Hirsch, Thüringische Landeszeitung, Dezember 2011

"Ottone (Margarita Gritskova) is surrounded by the dark-sonorous tone color - „the one on the lips, the other in the heart”."
Ursula Mieke, Thüringer Allgemeine, September 2011