“..Mezzo-soprano Margarita Gritskova as Sesto was the best in the opera. Her voice was attractive, well-managed, and rich. It was especially distinguished in always anticipated aria Parto parto.”
Opéra World, José M. Irurzun

“..Among them, Margarita Gritskova from Saint Petersburg as Sesto showed her artistic temperament, nature, and magnifical mezzo, having become the star of this wonderful opera night. After well-known aria Parto parto the clemency of Titus becomes clear: he got emotional and forgave his friend (and the others as well) toughed as a man and as an emperor by airy singing, vocal agility, melodious expression, beauty and artistry a la Berganza, which Gritskova presented to us through unique Mozart’s gift.”

“..Margarita Gritskova, Russian mezzo as marvelous Sesto, became the winner of the night. Note this name! She is wonderful and gives us a chance to speak about her soon. She has a strong voice of good quality. She manages, regulates, and directs it perfectly and plays with our emotions as she pleases. Equally unexceptionable in middle, lower, and higher registers, in Parto, parto, ma tu ben mio it sounds especially peerless. Just a little pearl.”

“..Young conductor Nimrod David Pfeffer communicates to orchestra both in minor and intensive dramatic flow, and musicians respond to him flawlessly. Not to take anything away from the others, but Margarita Gritskova as Sesto the key character with good and evil fighting inside merits special mention.”
Álvaro del Amo, El Mundo

“..Sesto, a travesty, like Annio, was performed by Margarita Gritskova with attractive voice and lyric mezzo-soprano, which stole the scene immediately. The famous Parto parto – one of the most well known aria in this opera – was full of emotions and power, and clarinet player Lluna just added fuel to the flames. Sesto right from the very start appeared as much more complex character than the others, having constant doubts: he loves, betrays, regrets… and mezzo of the Russian singer sounded brilliant in all registers, she knew how to present middle voice and passages of coloratura soprano, coped with recitative. Her duets with Vitellia and Annio were really good.”

“..Mezzo-soprano Margarita Gritskova, who possesses a magnetic voice and virtuosity, played the role of Sesto, Tito’s close friend, who became betrayer and then even tried to kill him. Score of the opera was written for castrato. Mozart adored vocal from an early age and always had a good relationship with castrati of that time, although by the end of the XIX century they began to go out of fashion. Just a sky-born performance of aria “Parto, parto, ma tu ben mio” ─ the most famous of this opera ─ was performed by Margarita Gritskova.”
Àngel Crespo,

“..Performance of Margarita Gritskova as Sesto was brilliant. This role was written for Castrato singer, but in modern production it is performed by women, dressed as men. Gritskova sings the important aria with clarinet obbligato “Parto, ma tu ben mio” so incredible easy, holding a dialogue with the solo instrument. Excellent pronunciation and musical sense reflect again in the aria «Deh per questo istante solo», performed with great focus and specific skill of clearly pronouncing.”
Fabio Tranchida, OperaClick