«..Ten years ago an outstanding director Mariss Jansons (not later than two weeks ago the music world celebrated his 75th anniversary in grand style) chose Margarita Gritskova, a student of Saint Petersburg Conservatory, for the role of Carmen, when prepared the memorable concert performance of George Bizet’s opera with young artists of his native city, Saint Petersburg. And on a recent day the soloist of the Vienna State Opera Margarita Gritskova made her first appearance as Carmen on the legendary Vienna stage in a play that is noted with an exclamation mark in rich opera program of the Austrian capital. Between these two events, the singer with rich voice, bright stage image, and the temper to perform Carmensita, has come to Weimar Theatre upon graduation from Saint Petersburg Conservatory, and then – to the Vienna State Opera, and has performed a lot of coloratura mezzo roles during her artistic biography. And once again - fickle and passionate Romani.»
Andrei Zolotov-Junior, RGRU

«..Thanks to these qualities the masterpiece of the French master, who had never been to Spain, became the most popular opera in the world with the course of time. The fact, that this opera can be performed in small music theaters, doesn’t mean that it’s easy for respectable flagship theaters, for example, the Vienna State Opera. The point is not only pretty, but also characteristic voices, what is particularly remarkable, when the lead character sings. This time such voices came to us from the East and belonged to Margarita Gritskova of Saint Petersburg and to the Polish tenor Piotr Beczala, who have been met with critics’ approval.»
Deutschlandfunk Kultur

“..Margarita Gritskova may boast that she wasn’t overshadowed by the superstar. It could be quite expected that her “Carmencita” in first two acts will create a furor: having sung Habanera, Seguidilla and, first of all, “Chanson Bohéme” she served them to the audience like “voice-decoy”, complementing a visual impression made by mezzo-soprano of the singer from Saint Petersburg. But how would the scene of cartomancy be performed by her, how would her voice sound in the final scene? Well, I found myself surprised by that voice-potential, which I heard in the second part of “Carmen”. Anyway the singer will have a distinguished international career”.
Peter Dusek, online merker

“..That’s exactly what is happening: Margarita Gritskova, representing a vamp from hair to spike heels, is amazingly seductive. It’s a remarkable debut, a bit blurred by hushed tone, at first, but then finished with flashes striking with bright mint freshness”.
Wiener Zeitung

„..Performing Carmen before the Vienna audience for the first time, Margarita Gritskova managed to complement Don José very well: a lively and refreshing Carmen, endowed with a flexible mezzo sparkling in tender colour. Her young enthusiasm was combined with self-assured pride and erotic mercenariness, which didn’t turn her into banal Vamp-Woman.“
Dominique Troger, online

“..The role of his beloved Rosina is one of the best roles of Margarita Gritskova: playing her, the singer could combine fabulous acting skills, wonderful singing, and stunning appearance. So, a playgoer should get comfortable and enjoy all the above mentioned (hoping that she wouldn’t stumble over louver…).”
Elena Habermann

“..Carmen is a character that shall also catch the audience’s eyes, and Margarita Gritskova obviously does cope with it perfectly. With no complicated movements, she shows the fullness of her sensuality, legerity, and also ability to be convincing, that could be expected from a person convincing Don José. As to vocal, a Parisian composer does not hesitate to unleash the potential of the character, as if claiming that whoever Carmen’s challenger is – she will be the only winner; and with the first scores Gritskova, supported by a wide and powerful accompaniment, manages to lead him confidently, like real leaders do.”
Platea Magazine