2023 July 8, 11, 14, 16, 19, 21, 25, 27, 29 Aug 1, 4 , Giuseppe Verdi, Premiere “Don Carlo”, [debut in the role of Eboli]

«Margarita Gritskova masters her first Eboli with bravura and expressive drama-mezzo.»
Ernst B.Strobl, Salzburger Nachrichten

«The Russian mezzo-soprano Margarita Gritskova, as an ambitious, zealous and career-addicted princess Eboli, sings as if she is constantly under power. Thus, she spreads a persistent feeling of smoldering tension, which then also escalates into an act of revenge. The first signs of this can already be seen in her first aria "Nel giardin del bello", which sounds engaging, but cannot deny a spark of inner restlessness in Gritskova’s interpretation. Her repentance and unconditional withdrawal into the solitude of a monastery sound truly. Whether this decision is actually final, however, may be doubted by this easily excitable, hypersensitive woman who is fighting for recognition. Unless she soon becomes an abbess.»
Manfred A. Schmid, Online merker

«Margarita Gritskova’s passionate Eboli, which increased from the restrained "veil song" over angry impulsiveness in the third movement of the nocturnal garden picture to an "O don fatale" crowned by crystal-clear top notes.»
Josef Schmitt, Die Presse

«The best comes to the end: Margarita Gritskova as Eboli. One literally depends on her voice and on her presentation. This Eboli, who became an intriguer out of prevented love, is the highlight of an evening consisting of highlights.»
Edwin Baumgartner, Viennese critic

«As Eboli, Margarita Gritskova scored with passionate charisma.»

«The same applies to Margarita Gritskova as a passionate Eboli, with her temperament paired with vocal charisma.»
Peter Jarolin, Kurier

"Margarita Gritskova was a great eboli, she has the realy elevation for this game, but also the depth too, plus a luxurious appearance.“
8.8.2023, online merker